Bushtracks Africa : Go to the Victoria Falls

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Helicopter Flights

TO put the Victoria Falls into true perspective, they must really be seen from the air. The sheer size and grandeur of the spectacle becomes clear when viewed from above. The huge Zambezi River flowing slowly south with hippos and crocodiles clearly visible in the shallow waters, elephant quietly browsing on bright green islands as the water spreads across the full width of a great rent in the earth before crashing over the lip in a burst of spray and then squeezing into a narrow, foaming, blast of water rushing down the zig zag funnel of the gorges.

Flight of Angels

Approx: 12-13 minutes
An unrivalled view of the Victoria Falls and surrounding National Parks area "...scenes so lovely, must have been gazed upon by Angels in their Flight."

Flight of Angels & Game Viewing Flight

Approx: 25 minutes
This experience encompasses the traditional "Flight of Angels" then upstream over the Zambezi River and onto the Zambezi National Park, home to many wildlife species. Whilst spotting all the species is not a guarantee, elephant, buffalo, hippo, crocodile and giraffe can all be found in the Zambezi National Park and can be seen from the air returning to the helipad for touchdown.

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Age Restrictions

• No age restriction.
• Children need to be accompanied by adult/guardian.
• Children under 3 years of age are flown free of charge sitting on their parentís lap.
• All Children over 3 years are charged full price

Other Restrictions

• A minimum of 3/4 guest to confirm a 12/13 min Flight. 4 or 6 seater Helicopter
• A minimum of guests (or payment equivalent to 5 guests) to confirm 19 minute and 25 minute flights on the 4 seater.
• A minimum of 5 guests (or payment equivalent to 5 guests) to confirm 19 minute and 25 minute flights on the 6 seater.


• Charters are available on request subject to availability • Charters are available for other uses; just inquire about options from a consultant.


Flight of Angels:
Approx. 12-13 minutes

Flight of Angels & Game Viewing Flight:
Approx. 25 minutes

NB: Each helicopter has a middle seat so there is no guarantee of a window seat. Window seats may not be pre booked - they are allocated on a first come first served basis.