Bushtracks Africa : Go to the Victoria Falls

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Bridge Activities

Pure Adrenalin!!

Bungee Jump

Plummet headlong into the rumbling waters of the Batoka Gorge, with a spectacular backdrop of the majestic Victoria Falls. Operates from the over 100 year old Victoria Falls Railway Bridge in no manís land - the only place in the world!!! With falling speeds of up to 120km/hr.

4 seconds of freefall from the 100 year old historical monument - the Victoria Falls Railway Bridge.

Bridge Swing or Tandem Swing

• Take a leap of faith from the Victoria Falls railway Bridge into the Big African Air, and feel the force of the mighty Zambezi River as you plunge towards its boiling waters.
• Or take a friend down with you, side by side, hold on tight as you swing together in no-manís land.

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Bridge Slide

This takes you from the Zambian side of the Gorge to the Zimbabwe side of the over 100 year old Victoria Falls Railway on a cable suspended over the Batoka Gorge.

Big Air Experience

Adrenaline junkies can do all three in a one day package.

Must Know:
• Bungi Jump - Weight 40kg - 140kg
• Bridge Swing Weight 40kg - 180kg
• Bridge Slide Weight of 20kg - 120kg (Tandem with guardian)

Jump Masters
• All Jump, Swing and Slide Masters are first aid qualified and carry a communication radio. First aid kits are available on site.
• Not suitable for guests with a fear of heights.
• Children over 8 - u/14 can slide in tandem slide with a parent at the discretion of the Jump Master.
• Minimum - 14 years.
• 18 years and under must have written consent of parent or guardian.

Important (NB)
• Transfer Bus provided FOR BRIDGE TOURS ONLY need to organise transport to the bridge ARRANGE BUS TRANFERS WITH BUSHTRACKS FOR BUNGI, BRIGE SLIDE & SWING.
• Certificates will be issued to all Jumpers, Swingers and Sliders.
• Operating hours may differ from those stated due to seasonal conditions (rain November to February & spray April to June).
• The BV (Bridge visit) gate pass does NOT entitle the guest to visit Zambia or vice versa - he or she MUST HAVE THEIR PASSPORT STAMPED for exit by the relevant immigration authorities before proceeding to the next country!

Bridge Tour

• The Victoria Falls Railway Bridge is suspended between 2 countries - a unique "no man's land destination".
• The Bridge is over 100 years of old.
• Guests are accompanied by a professional guide throughout the tour.
• Safety gear is provided.
• Refreshments (soft drinks) offered after the tour.
• Videos and photos are available for purchase from the registration area.
• Bridge operates from 09:00 to 17:00 and is subject to change depending on weather and seasons.

• Minimum 14 years.
• Persons under the age of 18 years must have written consent from their parent/ legal guardian.
• Not suitable for guests with fear of heights.


Types of Bungee Jump:
• If you are a first timer we recommend that you dive head first, bound at the ankles. This is the most common jump position and most natural feeling because it feels like diving into a swimming pool, except itís the mighty Zambezi River rumbling in the Batoka Gorge 111 meters.
• If you are looking for a bigger kick, speak to the jump master and ask if you qualify for an Ankle tied back flip; Elevator or Running star - not for first timers.