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Big Five Interactive Safaris

The unrivalled all-in-one Big 5 Interactive Safari takes place within the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve. The Game Reserve is a 3500 hectares of pristine land, situated 12 kilometers from Victoria Falls town and is home to all the Big 5, and a variety of up to 1 500 game species. Common sightings include breeding herds of Elephant, our resident Black Rhino with their calves, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Hyena, Hippo, Zebra, Giraffe and Warthog. There is a wide variety of antelope species - including Tsessebe, Eland, Sable, Kudu, Impala, Duiker, Waterbuck and Bushbuck. Other endangered species like Cheetah and the precipitously endangered Wild Dogs roam freely on the Reserve and are regularly seen on game drives. The Reserve is also home to a bird population of over 150 different species.

This remarkable Game Reserve is dedicated to sustainable wildlife conservation through breeding and research programmes of rare and endangered species, with the Black Rhino as the flagship project.

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Sunset and Sunrise Tours Available

Trip Facts:
• Enjoy the timeless tempo of Africa in the early morning or afternoon game drive.
• Track the usually elusive Black Rhino - Africa's most endangered species.
• Encounter and interact with our sub adult lion pride.
• Get up close and personal as you ride and interact with our gentle African Elephants.
• Join the vultures, eagles and marabou stork as they conference at the Scavenger restaurant.
• Join our knowledgeable Guides as they share their experiences at our Wildlife Edutainment centre.

Clients will be transported to the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve and be transferred onto the Game Drive vehicles upon arrival. Once on the Reserve there is a high probability of spotting a variety of game species at any time while engaged in the following activities:

• Tracking the usually elusive Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis). The Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve is the only property in and around Victoria Falls that hosts the rarest, most endangered of the Big Five species. In fact, for the past few years, Shearwater Adventures has funded and overseen a Black Rhino breeding programme on the Reserve which in August 2009 yielded two calves to mothers Bambi and Buster and proud father Shungu. With less than 3,000 of these incredible animals left on earth we are proud of this achievement. Because of their familiarity with the staff and their eating habits on the Breeding Programme, the Black Rhino are easier to find near the start or the end of the day.
• The Royal Experience - Get up close and personal and take a walk with the undisputed Kings of the Jungle - the African Lion (Panthera Leo). These lion cubs are by no means tame but have been habituated to human interaction. Our guests can stroke and play with these majestic cats as they relax with each other in their natural environment creating awesome photographic opportunities. The lion handlers are trained, knowledgeable and co-exist with the lions in a relationship based on mutual respect.
• The third component of the Big 5 Interactive Safari involves the largest land mammal on earth - the African Elephant (Loxodonta Africana). The near-spiritual feeling of touching, feeding, communicating, mingling and riding these incredible giants is overwhelming and this time one will be learning more about this captivating species from our knowledgeable Induna or elephant handler. Again the photographic possibilities are some of the best - ever!
• The forth component is a drop into the Scavengers Restaurant. Take the opportunity to observe at close quarters various species of vulture and the Marabou stork. Learn about their crucial ecological role in the African environment and challenge your own interpretations of beauty.
• Clients that will continue on a Night Game Drive will use the same open, well-kitted 4-wheel drive vehicles. The drive is approximately 2 hours within the Big 5 Reserve in search of the carnivores and other nocturnal animals and ends with a beautifully set up Bush Dinner beneath a blanket of stars under a true African sky, as delighted guests sit around the crackling fire sharing experiences with their guides.
• Bush dinner comprises of 2 salads (one is green), BBQ chicken, beef and a hunter's pot, some borewors, rice / pasta and a desert of the day. Hunter's pot is subject to availability of game meat. In winter, soup is provided as well to keep guests warm.
• Clients will be charged an additional amount when taking part in the Night Game Drive and Bush Dinner.

These fantastic experiences are laced together by a game drive through the unspoilt forests, riverine woodlands and gusu sands of the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve. The bonus of the sunset Big 5 Interactive Safari is that this final journey is a Night Drive opening up the chance of seeing a completely different set of animals after dark.

On the morning Big 5 Interactive Safari, more often than not after a spectacular sunrise and deep in the bush, guests are invited to a wholesome bush breakfast in an open vlei and just as filling are the mouth-watering snacks and a well stocked cooler box throughout the afternoon safari.


Children are welcome to the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve. Little safari enthusiasts can participate in the Big 5 Interactive Safari - all EXCEPT the Royal Lion Walk - a rule set by the Lions themselves! Children between 6 and 14 years and under one and a half meters tall are not allowed to descend from the vehicles but will still be able to see the Lions at close quarters. Please ask your guide or consultant for details.

Facts about The Big 5 Interactive Safari

• The Big 5 Interactive Safari offers the only opportunity in the area to view the Big Five in their natural environment including Black Rhino.
• The Big 5 Interactive Safari promises to be a more exclusive safari as only a maximum of our own five game-viewing vehicles will be on the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve at any time.
• This is a Half Day activity leaving the other half day free for other activities.
• The Big 5 Interactive Safari offers unparalleled value for money - the combination of lion walk, elephant ride, game drive and rhino tracking - all for one price.
• There are no hidden costs to the experience. The all inclusive price includes transfers, meals, drinks, snacks and there are no visa costs or National Park fees.
• Professional and knowledgeable safari guides with years of experience under their belts.


Times: Early Morning - pick up between 06h00 and 06h15 and afternoon pick up 15h00.
Transfers: Transfers from Hotels/Lodges within Vic Falls Town are included.
Pax: minimum of 4 pax.

- All inclusive price includes transfers, meals, drinks, snacks and there are no visa costs or national park fees.
- Our professional and knowledgeable safari guides have years of experience under their belts.
- There is an extra charge for Night Drive & Bush Dinner