Bushtracks Africa : Go to the Victoria Falls

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Arrival into Livingstone

On the aircraft approaching Livingstone you may be given an immigrations and customs form to fill out, if not these will be waiting for you at the arrival terminal, please fill these in, on for each passport. On arrival at Livingstone Airport, please proceed through Immigration formalities were you should find your name on the manifest if you are staying at a Livingstone Hotel and if you gave your passport details to be completed for the manifest procedures with your travel agent, If you did not do this then you maybe required to purchase a visa depending on your Nationality, if you are not staying in Livingstone then a transit visa may be required Please then collect your luggage from the luggage rack and proceed to Customs. After customs is the entrance to the Main concourse where a Guide will be waiting with your names clearly printed on a name board. The Guide will welcome you and assist you with your luggage to your transfer vehicle. It is important that guests identify their luggage before embarking on their transfer to avoid any inconveniences.

The transfer time from Livingstone Airport to [Zambezi Sun/Royal Livingstone is approximately 25 minutes to the Sun. The transfers goe the most direct route, through the centre of Livingstone town which the guide will give you a brief introduction to, then on towards the [Victoria Falls and the Zambezi Sun/Royal Livingstone or Lodge with within Livingstone.


Any visit to southern Africa would not be complete without a stay in Livingstone to view the majestic Victoria Falls and experience the thrilling activities that go with it The Falls are commonly described as one of the seven natural wonders of the world and Zambia boasts some of the most spectacular views .

For more information, please visit Zambia Tourism website.