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South Luangwa

The South Luangwa National Park covers over 9,000 km² of protected wilderness around the Luangwa River on a small tail of the Great Rift Valley in Zambia. It boasts some of the most abundant wildlife in the world, yet its comparative remoteness means that it has retained its wildness and natural beauty. The South Luangwa area is rich in both birdlife and wildlife and includes large numbers of predators and some of Africa’s rarest animals. The high concentration of herbivores supports large numbers of predators, including leopard, lion and hyena, as well as some of Africa's rarest animals: the cheetah, wild dog, Moloney's monkey, roan and sable antelope. The South Luangwa is also one of the few parks that allows night time safaris.

For more information, please visit Zambia Tourism website.

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