Bushtracks Africa : Go to the Victoria Falls

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Segway Tours

Glide Effortlessly

Bushtracks now has Segway machines based at the falls resort. The guides will take the clients on an educational tour along the footpaths, around the Zambezi Sun and on behind the Royal Livingstone. They also go on the foot paths through the bush area between the hotels and the road with the guide pointing out places of interest, birds, trees and game on the resort. The Segway machines are similar to a battery operated scooter which is controlled by the movement of the rider's weight. As the rider leans forwards the Segway will begin to move forwards, the further forward you lean the fast the Segway will go (cutting of at a limit). To stop, stop leaning forward and stand up straight. When the rider leans back the Segway also moves backwards. Balance is easy as you are holding onto the handlebars. Steering is also easy by using the swivelling hand hold similar to that of a motorbike's accelerator, which controls your direction left and right turns. Each tour includes a 15min training session and a 30 min Segway riding tour.

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Tour departures:
08:00 am
10:00 am
12:00 pm
14:00 pm
16:00 pm
Sundowner @ 17:45 pm

Town Pick ups:

Min age 7 years but children need to be able to balance the machine.

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