Bushtracks Africa : Go to the Victoria Falls

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Zambezi River Safaris

Discover the Secrets of the Zambezi River

The 4 x 4 vehicles of the river. Aluminium hulled, jet propelled boats have been carefully designed so they can cross the 'rough terrain' of the river giving them access to places where other normal boats cannot go. This is a unique wildlife safari through the channels and rapids between the islands littering the wide part of the river just before the Falls. Elephant, hippo and wonderful birds are the main wildlife attractions and the views and sunsets are highlights.

Water Taxi

The water taxi is booked through Bushtracks and is operated in conjunction with River Safaris. Bushtracks will collect the clients at the airport and drop them at the African Queen Royal Landing. The River Safaris boat will slowly meander its way down to the Royal Livingstone, where the clients will disembark at the deck. The Bushtracks vehicle will already have dropped off their luggage. On return to the airport the clients go straight to the airport in the Bushtracks vehicle...

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4x4 River Safaris Zambia
4x4 River Safaris

Pick up at the Day Activity Centre and the respective hotel where clients are staying, drive to the launch site, board the boat and set off.

Breakfast Safari: 08h00 - 10h30
Lunch Safari: 11h30 - 13h00
Sunset Safari: 16h00 - 18h30

Light meals and / or snacks are provided on each safari.
Drinks include mineral water, soft drinks, selected beers, tea and coffee.

Children 5 - 12: half price.
Children 4 and under: free.