Bushtracks Africa : Go to the Victoria Falls

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Featured Entertainment

Solo Instrumentalist - African Jazz/Folk Guitar or Saxophone
This performance is by a talented local musician fusing traditional styles of guitar with modern techniques. He creates a soft and fluid musical background, suitable for any function. Depending on requirements, the performance could also include a saxophone solo. This solo performance is perfect for pre-dinner drinks or canapes on the banks of the Zambezi River

Instrumental Duet - Guitar and Saxophone and/or Guitar and Hang
Featuring two performers, this duo is a dynamic and exude vibrant musical experience. Using a range of instruments, they can perform as both background entertainment, as well as on a more prominent stage. The duo can perform with amplification, set up in a way that they can perform for larger audiences in a balanced manner. The Hang lends a new twist to the music and many of the items performed are original.

Traditional Entertainment

Mkishi Dancers
This is a performance by local Traditional Dancers. The Mkishi dancers are accompanied by a choir of ladies as well as drummers on occasion.

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They perform in large fearsome masks and or stilts, the dances tell stories of the spirit world and the consequences of not listening to ancestoral messages. All dancers undergo strict traditional rituals within their dance troupe and all undergo a rite of passage to become a performer. This is a truly authentic traditional experience.

Marimba Band
A Marimba is a traditional Xylophone. Usually is a set of three, the Marimba band perform traditional melodies as well as more modern songs. The unique sound of the instrument lends itself to the beauty of the African outdoors.

Traditional Beer Tasting
As a taste of Africa we offer our guests and delegates a mug of traditionally brewed Afrian Beer. Known locally a opaque beer, it is brewed from maize (corn) and can range in potency. The beer itself is rather bitter and the traditional method of drinking it involves keeping ones teeth closed whilst sipping, to filter out the lager particles.

Face Painters
To liven up the evening, we offer the guests an opportunity to experience face painting. Our ladies will brighten the occasion by using traditional artistic techniques. We incorporate MOYO dots and dashes in various colours to increase the glamour of the function.

Sangoma (Witch Doctor)
We can invite a traditional healer or Sangoma to the occasion. In times of old these people were the custodians of the ancient knowledge, Traditional medicine and rituals for safety and protection. They are also reputed to be able to divine the future by various means. Allow your guests to interact with them and they may discover new elements of themselves.

Curio Market
The arts and crafts of Zambia are rich and varied. We facilitate a number of vendors who ply their trade and sell their wares to our delegated in a hassle free environment where haggling is just as important as enjoying your new purchase. The items on offer include various carvings and sculptures. Jewellery and art is also available as well as a wide range of prints and collectables.


Participation Drumming Sessions
Drums have been played in Africa for thousands of years. So what better way of exposing your clients to the rich enjoyment and fulfilling experience of African drumming, than by giving them each a hand crafted Djembe drum to play. Various sessions are designed and led by a team of dynamic facilitators who put emphasis on building spirit and team work in the group. The event is started with a cacophonous rumble to show the guests the chaotic possibilities of not working together. Then they are built uplevel-by-level, until they are beating out thunderous African rhythms as a group.

Another aspect of the performance is African singing, there is a great unifying power in getting the group as a whole to sing, but with a twist, teaching them tonal melodies and occasionally, traditional African songs. The interactive drum experience is the perfect way to add dimension to your conference opening, breakaway time or bush braai (barbecue).

Our session lasts for about fourty five minutes and depending on the group size it will be facilitated by between two and five percussionists. We go into more detail about the history and cultural importance of drumming as well as all the fun of learning to play this wonderful instrument.

Welcome Drumming
Our famous welcome percussion band can either be a stand-alone event to welcome guests to a venue or function. Or it can form part of the event as a whole. We use a variety of different drums and instruments, including the West African Djembe, the Dun-Dun (bass drum), as well as Bongo’s, Cowbells, and much more. This pulsating spectacle of rhythm is presented by four or five percussionists. Although through prior arrangement we can increase the band size. The session usually lasts for about twenty minutes and can be broken up into smaller, more high-impact performances. This event could be used as background entertainment or as part of a full performance line-up. On request we can also facilitate awards ceremonies, Weddings etc.

Fire Dancers & Percussion Band
As with the above percussion Band we can offer the awesome spectacle of fire poi. Poi is an ancient Maori art of dancing with fire. The wicks are suspended from chains and twirled in time to the rhythm. This element of our performances is only available when booked in conjunction with other products on offer.

Magical Hang Band
The modern world is full of new and exciting inventions and every now and then one appears that takes our breath away. This is what the amazing Hang (pronounced hung) does for many people when they hear its beautiful sounds for the first time. It has an unusual flying saucer shape. The name Hang means 'hand' in the Swiss Bernese dialect and the instrument is played on one's lap with the hands and/or the fingers. It is a two-sided instrument with 7 to 9 notes on the top surface and a large hole in the bottom surface which produces no less than 3 different deep bass tones.

The Drumming Co. is proud and honored to have a series of these new and tonally fantastic instruments. We use the Hang for various percussion sessions as well as for Stand-alone performances. Perfect for soft background music or as part of a full percussion performance line-up, it is a sound not to be missed...